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Eye exams are an essential part of maintaining your eye health. We take pride in our comprehensive approach to your eye exam, from monitoring your eyesight for refractive errors to diagnosing eye diseases.

Every eye exam at Insights Optical features a mix of innovative technology alongside our patient-focused care approach. Once our team gets to know you and your vision goals, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Eye exams are about much more than finding your ideal lens prescription (though we do that too). As we age, our eyes become more prone to eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. These eye diseases can lead to vision loss in severe cases and usually don’t show noticeable symptoms until they become a problem. 

Our thorough approach to your eye exam lets your doctor look at the fine details of your eye, discover signs of these eye diseases early, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Eye Exam Frequency

The American Optometric Association recommends the following eye exam frequency for adults and seniors:

  • 18–39 years old: one exam every 2 years
  • 40–64 years old: one exam every 2 years
  • 65 and older: one exam every year

Our Unique Approach

Our team at Insights Optical focuses on getting a detailed picture of your eye health. We do this by using innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies while centering our approach around your overall health and wellness.

Patient Experience

Your eyes are valuable, and so is your time. Our team works to ensure you have a great eye care experience, from booking your appointment to helping your child learn about their eye health in our kids area.

Our innovative Optomap Retinal Imaging technology allows your doctor to get an ultrawide, detailed photo of the back of your eye called the retina. Optomap Retinal Imaging takes less than a second and allows us to diagnose eye diseases and assess your retina’s health.

iWellness Spectral Domain Ocular Coherence Tomography scans are essential to diagnose and monitor eye diseases that don’t usually show outward symptoms. The iWellness exam provides an extremely detailed photo of your retina to let us assess your retinal health and uncover problems before they have a negative impact.

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Our approach to eye exams is thorough and entirely focused on giving you a positive eye care experience. When you visit us, you can expect a helpful and friendly atmosphere from the time you enter our office to when you leave. Need an eye exam? Book your next one with us.

Discover the Optomap
Retinal Imaging Difference

Optomap Retinal Imaging is an essential part of every eye exam we complete at Insights Optical. By taking a high-definition photo of the back of your eye, called the retina, we can gain valuable information about your health.

In less than 1 second, Optomap allows us to take a 200o photo that gives an ultrawide 82% view of your retina all at once. Retinal imaging not only helps us find signs of eye diseases, but can tell us if you’re at risk of other health issues like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes

Get Comfortable Vision with Neurolens

Neurolens is an innovative new technology we use to diagnose and treat eye misalignment accurately. Eye misalignment can cause headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision. 

Neurolens vision correction begins with an accurate and efficient measurement of your unique eye alignment. We can then use those measurements to create your personalized Neurolenses to help you overcome your eye misalignment symptoms.

With Neurolens, we can correct eye misalignment and reduce the severity of your symptoms. Using a contoured prism design, Neurolens seamlessly adjusts the image your eyes see, making vision comfortable. Get in touch with us to learn if Neurolens is right for you.

Our Locations


Find our Bloomington location on S. Clarizz Boulevard just south of East 3rd Street and across the street from College Mall.

  • 415 S. Clarizz Blvd.
  • Bloomington, IN 47401


Our Mitchell location is located right on W. Main Street across from Mitchell Fitness Center and just down the road from Mitchell Public Library.

  • 725 W. Main St.
  • Mitchell, IN 47446

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