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Guiding You Through Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery can be an excellent option to help patients achieve their vision goals. At Insights Optical, our team provides laser eye surgery consultations for patients considering the process. 

We want to be a part of your laser vision correction journey and can help determine if laser eye surgery is a good option for you.

Contact us to book your laser eye surgery consultation and get more information about what to expect.

What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a vision correction procedure that reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia. Laser vision correction can reduce the reliance on glasses or contact lenses and, as a result, has become a popular procedure.

During your consultation, our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation that can include: 

  • Reviewing your refractive surgery options
  • Review of eye history and refractive stability
  • Medical evaluation of the cornea and eye
  • Eye dominance testing

Book your laser eye surgery consultation with us today to determine if laser vision correction is an option for you. 

Laser Eye Surgery Options

As a part of your consultation, we will be exploring your laser vision correction options. Insights Optical offers consultation services for LASIK eye surgery and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).

LASIK eye surgery is a popular and the most commonly performed vision-correcting surgery currently available. In eyes with perfect vision, the cornea bends light onto the retina at the back of the eye with precision. Refractive errors such as myopia and hyperopia can distort that light and, as a result, cause blurry vision.

LASIK is a fast procedure usually completed in 30 minutes or less. During the process, your surgeon will use a laser to create a small flap away from the front of the eye to access the part of your cornea that needs reshaping. Your surgeon will then carefully begin the reshaping process and, once completed, will place the flap into place.

It takes around 2 to 3 months for your eyes to fully heal and your vision to stabilize following LASIK surgery. Follow-up appointments with our team can help monitor the healing process.

PRK surgery is another form of laser vision correction where the eye surgeon removes the cornea’s surface layer and reshapes the corneal bed with the laser, similar to LASIK.

PRK is usually ideal for people whose cornea may be too thin to safely allow for the corneal flap needed for LASIK. PRK corrects refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

While both PRK and LASIK vision correction result in the same visual outcome, a big difference is the recovery process between the 2 procedures. PRK recovery can take longer, and some patients have experienced more discomfort during the recovery process compared to LASIK.

Achieve Your Vision Goals

At Insights Optical, our goal is to help our patients achieve their vision goals. We provide comprehensive laser eye surgery consultations to help educate our patients before their vision correction procedure. 

Contact us to book your laser eye surgery consultation and achieve your vision goals. 

Discover the Optomap
Retinal Imaging Difference

Optomap Retinal Imaging is an essential part of every eye exam we complete at Insights Optical. By taking a high-definition photo of the back of your eye, called the retina, we can gain valuable information about your health.

In less than 1 second, Optomap allows us to take a 200o photo that gives an ultrawide 82% view of your retina all at once. Retinal imaging not only helps us find signs of eye diseases, but can tell us if you’re at risk of other health issues like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes

Get Comfortable Vision with Neurolens

Neurolens is an innovative new technology we use to diagnose and treat eye misalignment accurately. Eye misalignment can cause headaches, eye strain, and blurred vision. 

Neurolens vision correction begins with an accurate and efficient measurement of your unique eye alignment. We can then use those measurements to create your personalized Neurolenses to help you overcome your eye misalignment symptoms.

With Neurolens, we can correct eye misalignment and reduce the severity of your symptoms. Using a contoured prism design, Neurolens seamlessly adjusts the image your eyes see, making vision comfortable. Get in touch with us to learn if Neurolens is right for you.

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